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We are the CEO and President of a successful business.  We are Professional LifeCoaches with years of experience. We encourage and counsel clients by coaching them on a wide range of professional and personal issues.  Committed to our clients, many of whom we've worked with for years, as they continue to grow and expand beyond past boundaries into newer versions of themselves.  Essentially recreating themselves on a daily basis for the betterment of their lives and further unfoldment towards their true potentials.

Professional Life Coaches, V.R.M.F.I. Venus Rising Mars Follows Inc℠
We ask questions that other people are afraid to ask. We believe in transformation. How about being authentic?  We can show you the Real You, the one that you've always wanted to be, brought down to earth, manifested.
We believe in the power of intention — change your life with your thoughts, and your actions will follow.
We connect with your emoti…

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